24 August 2015

I Remember You.

It's on night like these when I feel I couldn't breathe anymore
Not being able to be with you, not being able to be yours
It's on night like these when I feel I couldn't hurt more
My heart seems to explode with all the pain
I remember our smiles
I remember our love
I remember each and every moment spent with you
No matter how hard I try to forget you during my days 
It's on night like these that I remember everything
I remember you!

15 May 2015

Scribble it in my Heart!

Scribble it in my heart
Say it again
Tu m'aimes

As we say goodbye
I hear a silent cry
I crave for the sweet lullaby to dry these tears
The sweet sound of your voice
Scribble it in my heart
Say it again
Tu m'aimes

08 May 2015

#FolowTheGenX : GenX Rides with GenX (Guest post by Tata Nano GenX)

Helloloo everyone!!!!

I am Tata Nano GenX.

Today I write a guest post for The Sweet Life.
Sounds interesting, eh? ;) Why not? Read on to know more about the fun filled adventurous Sunday!
So lets begin!

06 May 2015

Shoe it away!

Hola Lovelies!

I hope you all are doing great. It's been a long time since I wrote anything related to fashion for guys "Guilty"
But today I'm going to give you some insight on fashion which literally is down to earth :P Shoe Fashion, may we say? ;)

Ok guys,so here goes!Most of you take very good care of what shirt, tshirt, deo, watch etc etc you should be wearing!But how many of you really go down enough to make sure you're wearing the proper shoes?

I have observed that most guys follow a very basic rule. It's either formal shoes or sports shoes!So if you are working you wear that black lace-up and if you are out you end up wearing your favorite sports shoe!Easy and comfortable as hell! Yes I agree.

But honestly,girls love it when they realize that you are feet-appropriate!*that's just a new word* Believe me it is not a daunting task. Let me sum it up for you. A few points which will make your shoe shopping easier and your collection much more interesting!

1) Black Dress Shoe

This is the holy grail for men's footwear! Every man should own a black dress shoe. It's like a women's little black dress, only that its even better!You can wear it with almost anything, be it suits, chinos or jeans.It lies somewhere between super classy and a little casual.Don't use it with very casual looks!

01 May 2015

My First Road Trip for 2015!!!

Hola My Lovelies,

Guess who is on the Indiblogger Page!!!!

Yayy I love it when people put my picture first!I'm so happy. This is a  beautiful moment. I think I might cry!Ok, so history!

A few days back, Indiblogger came up with a road trip and if you lived near Mumbai or Pune, you could apply for it without any pre-requisites.I applied for it, obviously! Who would miss an opportunity for a road trip that too, when you are guaranteed the company of amazing fellow bloggers!

Guess what? I got selected.Yet cherry on the cake was definitely the fact that I'm first on the list, at least on the webpage *evil laugh*.

So I'd request you better follow the GenX on their road trip unless you wanna miss all the fun!Find my twitter handle here

27 April 2015

Take the Best Selfies with Asus Zenfone 2

Hola Lovelies!
I'm always on the lookout for great phones! It is so important to have a good smartphone these days!It is something that is always there with you.You can carry it around, and with it you can carry your world with you!

These days phones can do so much more, unlike before when the only two things we could think of doing with them was receive and take calls and send and receive messages!

Advanced technology has changed the face of phones!Made them what we call today "Smart Phones". But is smart enough? Isn't it obvious that it needs to be pocket friendly as well?

Well if you ask me, here is my wishlist for my Smartphone!!

#Should take good selfies *yes I'm biased* ;)
# Must have good battery backup
# Should have an amazing display so that I can blog on the go!
#Should have a powerful processor and good amount of RAM to handle loads of applications.
# Should have expandable memory, because there is always less space for the umpteen pictures and music files I like to keep in my phone
# Should look gorgeous just like me!
#Should be budget friendly

And so I'd like to introduce you to one such amazing phone, which is the Asus Zenfone 2!
What? You don't believe me? Check the specs for yourself!

17 April 2015

The Chance Upon Hope!

A bold step isn't necessarily a world changing decision! It doesn't need to affect anyone but you. To walk out of one's comfort zone and put in the effort to bring about that desired change can be as daunting as saving the world! As is rightly said,"You need to save yourself before you save the world!"

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