5 Things I love & hate about Winters!!!

Stuff I love!!!

1. Long Hot Water Baths:

Aahhhh..I'm such a lover of water, though it clashes with my fiery aries sign!! :D But I just love taking baths or just being closer to water!It makes me feel really good. And if its even a little cold outside, nothing can beat the pleasure of a lonnnnggg hot water bath!!It is so refreshing and amazing!! I forget all my winter woes and the cold inside my body just melts away like a dream! But ofcourse I overdo it, often :P and then end up having very dry skin :P I compensate by keeping a bottle of baby oil in my bath and slathering once I'm done. 

Top Jewelery Picks from eFoxcity.com

Hola Lovelies!!
How you all doing?? The winter is definitely taking its toll on me. It's been a while since I last posted!! Sorry for the delay, you might have noticed in my fb page that I was out on  Mumbai Visit (yay), which turned out to be amazing!! I had loads of fun with all my cousins and we visited a lot of places in Mumbai and enjoyed a lot!!

Now that I'm back I have so much to share, loads of interesting blog posts, which will be up one after the other.Hope you enjoy them all. So first thing's First!!Today I'm going to introduce you all to one of my latest favorite Online Shopping Website efoxcity !! It has such an amazing collection of wholesale dresses and jewelries! And I'm such a fan of their Jewelry collection  totally chic and my style!! So here is a list of my favorite products from their website!!

Awesomest Dragon Ring !!!

A Night with Kathakali and Chenda Melam

From the sensousness of a woman with a baby at her breat into the seductive mischief of Krishna's smile.He can reveal the nugget of sorrow that happiness contains- Arundhati Roy (To the Kathakali Man)

Hola Lovelies :)
How ya'all doing? I had the chance to experience a beautiful and enthralling  show by Gandhi Seva Sadan, Palakkad, Kerala. Some of the pictures to the beautiful event!

Photography Post: National Handloom Expo & Potter's Market'12

Hola Lovelies!!How ya'all doing?
I had a great time visiting two very beautiful fairs in my town.Totally loved both of them!

1) Potter's Market '12 at Gauhar Mahal,Bhopal
2) National Handloom Expo at Bhopal Haat,Bhopal

It was the last day at the Potter's Expo, but the Handloom Expo is till the 10 of this month.So if you are in Bhopal,please do visit!!It is a Shopper's Haven!!!I'm gonna go today and get my hand on some of those beauties. So ofcourse there will be one more post, specifically about the awesome stuff in the expo.Right now, enjoy some very cute captures from both the events.

Artwork by Little Kids,stall by NGO :) @ Potter's Market,Gauhar Mahal

Top 5 Perfect Festive Looks

Hey Friends
Diwali is such a time for celebrations and looking good is compulsory. Choosing the right elements can be tricky,but a satisfying job :) I had a great time creating some really amazing looks for Shopper's Stop Create the Perfect Look Contest on Indiblogger. Here are my entries!!!!