5 Things I love & hate about Winters!!!

Stuff I love!!!

1. Long Hot Water Baths:

Aahhhh..I'm such a lover of water, though it clashes with my fiery aries sign!! :D But I just love taking baths or just being closer to water!It makes me feel really good. And if its even a little cold outside, nothing can beat the pleasure of a lonnnnggg hot water bath!!It is so refreshing and amazing!! I forget all my winter woes and the cold inside my body just melts away like a dream! But ofcourse I overdo it, often :P and then end up having very dry skin :P I compensate by keeping a bottle of baby oil in my bath and slathering once I'm done. 

2. Blankie!!

Be it my furry blankie, Jaipuri Rajai or my lohi...I love all my blankets, because they keep me soo warm and it is so much fun to be buried deep inside your blanket whole days and whole nights in the winter season.  Come winter and I take out all my blankies!!!! When its too cold, I use one to sleep over and one to sleep under, keeps me really warm ;)

3. Sunshine

Ohhh My God!!It's so hard to wake up from the bed in winters unless the sun is up and shining brightly!Though it's the complete opposite in summers!! Anyways, waking up, and soaking up the morning sunshine with my fav cup of hot drink is such a relief, then washing your hair and again drying them up in the sun is another one of the bestest things to  happen!!I love sunshine!!My energy booster in winters, ofcourse at one point of time I start feeling like Jadu from #Koimilgaya :P

Come winter and my coolest accessories, jackets, boots and winter sweaters come out from the closet to rock the world!! I love my boots, I love my jackets and I totally adore my cute sweaters and pretty scarfs!!! So definitely my fav time for fashion. Ofcourse my cute tees have to stay hidden inside but no worries, all the other stuff pretty much compensates for the same! :)

5. Camp Fires

Aahh..I still remember the time in my school life when me and my friends used to stack up all the fallen leaves and burn em up to enjoy the heat in winter evenings! Eating hot maggie around the fire and just enjoying the starry view of the winter night.Awesomeness!!!

Stuff I don't Love

1. Coming out from the bath.

Yeah I just mentioned how I love taking hot water baths, but the exact opposite is coming out of the bath or stopping the flow of the hot water on my body because that is when the winter cool breeze starts taking its toll and it becomes sooo cold!!!!I hate coming out of the bathroom. Usually after I'm done taking a bath, the washroom gets all perked up with beautiful fragrance and heat of the water, but once the water is finished and its time to come out of the bath!!It's almost horrific!! :P Even if its for a very short while till I get my whole set of woolen wear on, I'm usually jumping all around shouting, "Cold, Cold, Cold!!!".

2. My CTM Routine

Ok I know the "Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising" Routine shouldn't be affected by any weather changes to ensure a healthy skin!!But aahhh...The cleanser is so cold!!! The Toner eeehh aahh aahhhhhh sooo cold!!! and The moisturizer *heck* it feels cold after even moments of application!!! Phew I really hate this routine in winters, but you know whats worse than this?? Doing the CTM Routine in the chilly 7 deg celsius winter nights!! Omg!!! It's a torture!!It definitely is!!! : (

3. Dry, ready to peel off skin!!!

Yeah so the cold moisturizer was painstakingly applied all over the body to prevent the rough patches on thy skin, but guess what at the end of the day the rough patches magically re-appear and even though they don't hurt ( if you don't moisturize they hurt too :P ) they don't look good!!! White patches covering small to big ares of thy skin,ruing the look!! Me don't like it!! : (

4. The gloom and lack of activity

Don't you start arguing with me on this one, everyone knows that winter is a time of the year when the whole of the world gets in a lazy mood, and well noone is to blame!! There is no swimming, no roller skating, no city wandering and no long bike rides!!Why? Are you crazy!! :P Thandi lagti he Yaar!!!! ( *It feels so cold* # lame translation)

5. Short warm days and long winter nights

It's not so bad in winters as long the sun is shining. You can keep recharging your batteries ;)  :P But they are so short : ( 

Winter days, y u no long????and winter chilly nights why you so long?? :P 

So this was my list of five things I love and Hate about Winters!!! :)
Hope you enjoyed
Keep warm my fuzzy balls!!
Loads of Love 


  1. Hi-5 to the Post.

    @Winter Fashion : I just bury myself in the sweaters and hoodies and I go out the same even at 12 in the noon as if its snowing outside and you have to see the people looking at me. #Lame :P

    @Camp Fires : I miss them . :/

    @Gloom and Lack of Activity : No swimming because the water is so cold. So last week we went to WonderLa, an amusement park where there were water rides and etc etc things. And we were freezing & shivering like hell and almost all muscles were aching because of the shivering. :/

    I think you did a lot of homework finding the memes and pictures. #JustSaying. :P

    Anyways, Nice Winter(y) Post :D . I already Hi-Five-ed, right?
    Take Care. :)

    1. hehehe....Hi-5 Ajay...Glad you enjoyed the post :)
      n you actually went to a water park in winter?? Hats off!!! :O :P

      n ohh it was nothing #me&mymodesty :P :D
      tc :)

    2. You bet.
      Actually there was a concession for students plus there was the festival offer. So, in order to save money (:P) we all went. :)

      Nice. #You&YourModesty :P

  2. great


  3. woww!!! i just loved the post... the things you described there it actually shows some part of me... luvd it sweety :)

    1. Thnx a lot sweetz <3 Been so long!! missed u!!