Love Reflected!!!

Love Reflected!!!

Love Reflected!!! by ruhie-kumar 

Sizzle that formal meeting with this gorgeous ensemble!! Dash of lacy sensuality combined with the sophistication of peplum. A little naughty, A little nice ;)

Ensemble Breakup

Skirt @ Myntra  here
Top @ Myntra here
Clutch @ Myntra here
Watch @ Myntra here

Hope you like the ensemble!!Don't forget to tune into the GOSL (Great Online Shopping Festival) Make the most of some really amazing deals !!!

Happy Shopping!!
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GOSF: Great Online Shopping Festival

Hola Lovelies....
Ever heard of GOSF?

GOSF is Great Online Shopping Festival started by Google India in 2012 to benefit customers following the immense popularity of the Monday sale and Black Friday initiated by the giant shopping portals in the US.

Last year customers were immensely benefitted with huge discounts while shopping online on 12 December’12. It’s a crazy shopping festival bursting with great offers, deals and discounts.
The good news is, this time the Great Online Shopping Festival is likely to happen again for 3 days (11 th , 12 th , 13 th of Dec) in India.

Surely this will be the best time for customers to shop online and avail heavy discounts.
I am damn excited about this event. For an avid online shopaholic, there couldn't have been a better way to end the year. Luckily one of my favorite online shopping portal JABONG , is also a part of this festival..Yay.... That means amazing offers, discounts and loads and loads of shopping!!!!! ;)

So all my shopaholic friends out there, make sure to make the most of this awesome shopping festival. 
You can visit the Jabong GOSF page Jabong GOSF 2013

I will keep updating for more such offers, till then keep smiling and keep shopping ;) :*

Loads of Love

Product Review: Vans Authentic Canvas Shoes ~ Women's Classics- Animal Print

Hola My Sweet Bumblebees. Hope you all are doing great. Today I'm gonna review some really cool shoes from Vans. These are Vans Authentic Canvas Shoes, in Animal Print.

These are fiery, sporty and superbly comfortable. Vans is famously known to cater for the sports junkies; giving rugged, high performance footwear with chic and timeless designs.

Lacey Desire

Lacey Desire

Lacey Desire by ruhie-kumar
A super sweet look for those fun filled days. Experiment with different combinations underneath the lacework to highlight the design. 

Get The Look: Chennai Express!

Hola Lovelies,

 The first scene where Deepika Padukone comes to screen running on the railway platform reminds you of Pamela Anderson running on the beach *uncanny similarity*. You'd wonder how can a girl donning such a conservative look remind of Pamela Anderson. One Wonders!!! But then again, its Deepika Padukone you are talking about!About the movie: " Funny, Typical Rohit Shetty Flick " *Yes, I'm being Diplomatic* :P

Deepika's looks are very different, serene and beautiful. I would love to recreate them for Onam celebrations. They would look so wonderful. So basically if you are planning to look anything like a South Indian. Or maybe going for a South Indian friends marriage or Onam celebration or if you are a South Indian yourself *like me* you can always take inspirations from Deepika's ensembles from Chennai Express. Blah you can wear them for any goddamn reason!!!Moving ahead.

Chuck Those Huge Skin Pores!!!

Hola Lovelies!!!

Ready to keep those huge skin pores away from you without blowing your budget on those oh-so-awesomely-expensive-cosmetics-that-might-might not-work!!! Well here are some easy breezy home remedies to treat those roadblocks that hinder you from getting that flawless look!!

Vans Fresh Off the Wall: A treat for music lovers

Hola lovelies,
Hope you all are doing great.This weekend for me started right on Thursday with Vans "Fresh Off The Wall" event. It was their first edition and was simply superb!It was held at Kino 108, a really cool place. You can check more about it on Zomato.

Blogger Meet Up - Meiji Amino Collagen Product Launch

Hola Lovelies
Hope you all are doing well.I'm so sorry for the delay in posting. New job taking its toll :P
So finally it happened! Mumbai's first blogger meet for me! Meiji's Product Launch ~ Amino Collagen.
What is Amino Collagen?
Amino Collagen is a natural and orally consumable collagen providing product.

Discovery of The Month: ChinaBuye

Hola Lovelies,
How ya'all doing? It's time for discovery of the month!! Please welcome "ChinaBuye" is a China based online supermarket with super lowest price. They are engaged in transnational electronic products wholesale and retail. They also deal with fashion clothing and jewelry at wholesale price.

Get The Killer 70's Look!!

Hola Lovelies,

Makeup has always eluded me. But luckily sometimes I find the easiest combination that works perfectly well for me. Here is one such way to get the killer 70's look. Try it and let me know if it works for you as well! :)

Get The Killer 70's Look!!

Chashme Baddoor Look # 1

Chashme Baddoor Look # 1

Oohh-La-La Monsoons

Oohh-La-La Monsoons

Guess bracelet

$115 -

Cartoon watch
$15 -

The Four Fountains Spa Review

Hola Lovelies,
Hope y'all are doing fine :) Ok so I was recently invited for a spa session by Sakina (Digital Marketing Manager)  from The Four Fountains Spa.

The Four Fountains Spa is India's largest chain of affordable health spas. They offer more than 20 therapies for De-Stressing, De-toxification, Immunity and Beauty. They have many centers located across India. You can find The Four Fountains Spa in the following locations:

Mumbai| Delhi| Gurgaon| Bengaluru| Kolkata| Pune| Goa| Manali| Aurangabad| Bhopal

My Latest Flipkart Buy

Hola Lovelies.
Ok so I was eyeing this beauty from a long time now.I'm sure you must have seen ads of this one whenever you were online. Flipkart really promoted this one a lot. Unluckily it was the first time I was buying footwear online so I bought the wrong size and by the time I realized the same, the stock was over for my right size. But still awesome buy, ofcourse I'll have to gift them to my sister, but still worth it ;)

Product Review : Revlon PhotoReady Concealer

Hola Lovelies!!
How ya'all doing? :) I'm reviewing one of my favorite concealers ever!! Revlon PhotoReady Concealer. It has been an angel for me! At a time when I rarely used concealers, just because I never found the right one!I found this sweet little amazing-ness!

Fashion++ : Summer Love

Hola Lovelies! How ya'all doing?
 I lovee summers !!!And one of the strong reasons is the amazing summer wear!! This season  fashion was dominantly about sheer tops, lots of chiffon, colored trousers, shorts etc. So if you are feeling confused on how to make up for a trendy summer outfit, look no further. Here are some inspirations just for you! Hope you enjoy them :)

Look  #1: 

You would need:

Theories of Love & Life: Our Fate

Hola Lovelies,
How ya'all doing? Been a long long time since I last blogged! Finally things are starting to fall into place in the new city and I'm settling down, so hoping to get myself to blog more. So much to blog about, so much to share, my brains are bursting out with ideas and cool stuff I wanted to try and share! Some really cool product reviews are lined up, hoping to share it with ya'all in the coming days.But today I wished to share something really beautiful that I found!

Ok so a few days back we started pestering one of my friend's friend's mom who happens to be very good at astrology . Lovely soul as she is, she was very happy to answer all our questions.. What will happen of my life? How much money will I earn? Will I have to struggle a lot? What about studies? What about marriage? Love marriage or arranged marriage? ;) So many questions!!

Discovery of The Month : Soxxy!!!!

Hola Lovelies,
How ya'all doing!! :) Today I'm gonna introduce you to my newest find!! Soxxy They have got a range of amazing and super chic socks that can revv up your look in an instant!!! Be it thigh-high, knee-high or ankle-length, they have the cutest collection ever!!!! You have to try them out!They are amazingly gorgeous!

Times Of India Feature

Hola Lovelies!!!!!

Ok I'm seriously excited!!!! I got featured in Times of India :D Of course when I started out blogging, I always dreamt of this day. Never thought it would happen out of nowhere!!Awesomeness!!!!I'm really happy :D * smiling cheek to cheek* :D Here is the excerpt:

Heart Speaks!

Hola Lovelies!

So just the other day, I was forced to rethink, to revise my life, my ideals!! I couldn't deny any of it, but looking back, No!!! I don't want to change anything! Not that I'm not open to good changes, but somehow all the bad experiences have shaped me in a more positive way than even the good experiences. Please read I'm not trying to invite more troubles into my life! I've seen all kinds of ups and downs at a very young age! And what have I learnt?

Creative Blogger Award

Hola Lovelies!!!

This is my second award after the Liebster Award!! Creative Blogger Award by Ajay again!! I'm really sorry Ajay, I know you gave me these awards with an interval of a month but I'm publishing them together! Sorry for the delay and redundancy! :P


Liebster Blogger Award

Hola Lovelies!!!

How ya'all doing? I have been missing my blog and all my fellow bloggers so much! I know I'm missing up on so many fun and exciting blog posts. Thanks to my super slow net connection! :P

But today is a good day!! I have a faster net connection and I'm definitely gonna make it count. These posts were pending from a very long time! I'm very happy to share with you all  that I got THREE awards in the past two months. Two blogger awards from my fellow blogger 'Ajay' and one award for my fashion post Top 5 Perfect Festive Looks for Shopper's Stop.  I love all of them and I'm so thankful for all the three of them!! :)

So Drum Rolls!! Here is my 1st award!



Liebster Award by Ajay from imagination19. He is a superb blogger, has an amazing way with words and is a great photographer. You should definitely check out his blog! :) Just Click Here.

Jibber Jabber: Be Back Soon!!

Hola Lovelies!!

I know it's a short notice leave :P But I'll be back soon. I'm gonna start with my new job, so the training period will be of 3 months approx. During that time, I'll be having almost no access to Internet, so blogging will take a back seat for a while!!But I'll be back asap!!! 
Loads of Love


How to Shop in A Sale??

Hola Lovelies!!
Ok so its officially the Sale Season!!! I get messages almost everyday from all leading brands Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop, Max, Westside etc etc that they have this on sale, that on sale !!Upto 50%, upto 60% and what not!!And guess what I have a few friends abroad, even they told me how it was the sale season there!! So I have to confess I went all out this sale season and " Shop till you Drop" was the only motto working on my mind. I got the best shoes, dresses, make up, more dresses, more make up and finally when the week ended I knew, I had so much to share!!!So here is a list of to do's when you plan to go shopping in a sale!! 

Top Gifts for Boys!!

Hola Lovelies!!
How you all doing? It's getting so cold these days with temperature going as low as 6 degrees, which of course is not so cold in some parts of the world where it gets to a minus :P Anyways!! It's more than cold for a summer loving girl like me!! 

Ok so you really want to know what could be a good gift for a guy!!! Other than booze or sports or :P You must be kidding me!! Gifting something to a girl is so damn easy!! It just has to be cute :L But gifting something to a boy is like a disaster in waiting!!

Why Gift? Because They are worth it !!! ^_^

Jibber Jabber: Karma Insufficient!!!

Shit!!What the hell is happening??
Why the hell am I feeling so low?? I feel so not in control of my life!!I feel like staying away from everyone!!Its like I am taking and taking and taking and that's all I'm doing!!!Life is giving me so much and I'm hardly able to reciprocate it to anyone!!Not that I don't want to, but I'm not able to!!And that makes me feel so not in control!!And I hate being not in control!! :(  Read further at your own risk!!!