Get The Look: Chennai Express!

Hola Lovelies,

 The first scene where Deepika Padukone comes to screen running on the railway platform reminds you of Pamela Anderson running on the beach *uncanny similarity*. You'd wonder how can a girl donning such a conservative look remind of Pamela Anderson. One Wonders!!! But then again, its Deepika Padukone you are talking about!About the movie: " Funny, Typical Rohit Shetty Flick " *Yes, I'm being Diplomatic* :P

Deepika's looks are very different, serene and beautiful. I would love to recreate them for Onam celebrations. They would look so wonderful. So basically if you are planning to look anything like a South Indian. Or maybe going for a South Indian friends marriage or Onam celebration or if you are a South Indian yourself *like me* you can always take inspirations from Deepika's ensembles from Chennai Express. Blah you can wear them for any goddamn reason!!!Moving ahead.