Guest post by Tata Nano GenX : GenX Rides with GenX

Hello everyone!!!!

I am Tata Nano GenX.

Today I write a guest post for The Sweet Life.
Sounds interesting, eh? ;) Why not? Read on to know more about the fun filled adventurous Sunday!
So lets begin!
The day started with me waiting for the bloggers to come to Pune from various parts of Mumbai and Pune as well.

The venue was an exquisite location.
TATA LakeHouse Pune
Check out the pictures!

Now I don't like waiting around much.So it was a relief to me when the road trip started; the flag off took place.
It was show time.It was my time!

The route was pretty simple and the roads of Pune were a charm.
During the trip we were bombarded with various challenges by the twitteratti!

Challenge 1: Drink coffee in Nano GenX.
My Take: Hah! This would have been a tough one, had it not been for my Creep function and AMT jazz!

Easy Shift Automated Manual Transmission is something that all girls fall for! I definitely heard Ruhie fall head over heels for it!It's all about the joy of riding the car, no stress on putting the clutch and changing the gear for every speed you drive!Just pull into AMT mode and you are good to go!

Creep function helps in easy driving during bumper to bumper traffic.It is by default and all you need to do is take your leg off the brake. No more awkward car shutdowns during traffic signals with honking cars at your back!

So imagine this!A kitten crosses your path, you pull a sudden brake!Let the kitten pass, while drinking your coffee. Pull your leg off the brake and accelerate, all while drinking your coffee.!No need to mess around with the gears!
Sweet, ain't it? ;)

Challenge 2: Find something the color of Nano GenX

My take: I have many brothers; all of different colors.But me,oh well, I'm what you'd see if you were right on time for a beautiful sunset or the color of a fine aged wine or the blossom from gulmohur that reddens your sky every day to your delight.Well I'm that and more!

Challenge 3 & 4: Flash mob and head banging video
My take: Replete with a powerful inbuilt Amphistream music system along with Radio, CD Player, USB & Aux-In, Bluetooth connectivity for phone and music streaming with the power of  four powerful speakers! The bloggers were set to roll to their favorite music.

Challenge 5: The Circuit!
My Take: Now this was the most fun and interesting of them all!!

The track was really tricky with crazy turns and angles!But with ePAS (electric power assisted steering) the track was a piece of cake!

With a 4 meter turning radius and electrically powered steering, quick turns and U turns are on your fingertips!

Challenge 6: Make adjectives to describe Nano GenX with the letters from the gear panel.

My Take:

I'm sexy and I know it ;)

Other than these amazing challenges, there was a great breakfast session at the Tata LakeHouse, lunch at Mezzo 9,Pune and evening snacks once we came back to the Tata LakeHouse again! These humans need to learn a word or two about mileage from me ;) *21.9kmpl * That's how I roll!

 Last but never the least was the amazing performance by Varun Venkit followed by the most relaxing Pjembe session (*words of Ruhie*). Varun Venkit, the very talented Psychologist, Drum Circle Facilitator, Drummer, Healer, Biker and so much more!

All in one, just like my jazz (*Easy Shift Automatic Mode, One Click Sports Mode, Manual Mode*) All in One! ;)

It was a great day with even better company!

Check out the pictures.

An amazing event, the bloggers have Indiblogger team and the team of  Tata Motors to thank!

Hope you enjoyed the post!
Wish you a safe and happy journey through this maze of life!
Don't forget!Just Easy Shift!! ;)

Signing Off!
Tata Nano Genx.


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