Dublin Pride!

Hola Lovelies,
Today I had the opportunity to be a part of an amazing celebration in Dublin. It was the celebration of love! The 'Dublin Pride'! Now, my home country isn't really open to the LGBT community and so ofcourse this celebration in itself was one of its first kind for me. I have nothing but compliments for the celebration, the people who organized it and the amazing crowd who showed their full support. 

So, what is Dublin Pride?

The Dublin LGBTQ Festival is the largest LGBTQ pride festival held annually in the month of June in Ireland. The vent has grown from a one-day celebration in 1974 to a ten day festival celebrating LGBT culture in Ireland. 


Today's parade started from Dublin's oldest gay bars The George and ended at the Pride Village at Merrion Square. The parade was just fantastic! The energy was flowing in the air. The parade walked to the tunes of latest pop songs while the crowd cheered them on. I thought it was the most fun parade and celebration ever! So much positivity! This is exactly what the world needs! Positivity, acceptance, love and happiness!


It has been pouring for last two days in Dublin, and even though it was cloudy all day long, I guess the clouds just couldn't help but cheer up watching the rainbow crowd of thousands!

The Pride Village at Merrion Square was equally amazing. The place was literally bursting with people in rainbow colors. There was a stage set up with events like speeches, dance and music performances happening right outside the park. Inside the park, people were just chilling, enjoying the cool weather, clicking pictures, making human pyramids, eating burgers and ice-creams and just enjoying the day.

I took this picture while entering the park. Super crowded! Super exciting! Perfect festival mode!

The rainbow shades ruled every object in the park, from people to objects to unicorns! 
Anyone hungry after the walk? Ofcourse everyone was hungry. The queue for the donuts and burger was just endless.

The human pyramid! This reminded me of 'Dahi-Handi' festival in India. It was the same, except there was no handi to be broken! It was a successful attempt.
The crowd inside Merrion Square was quite chilled out. It was fun doing crowd watch Catch the pictures below!
I loved the pet dogs in the crowd! They were super cute!!
The beautiful crowd in Merrion Square.

There were Rainbow Angels as well! Just in case, if you wanted to make a wish on a rainbow! Just Kidding! But really cool ensembles!
The Kid's Area was the cutest place! The kids were so adorable. They are born adorable. But then they head out to a park, where they do all kinds of cute stuff. They fall, they smile and laugh like crazy. They keep trying to get to the ride before the other kid! We had a nice time just watching them do their thing!


The stage outside the park was hosting events all day long. There were speeches, dance performances, musical performances and some other ones as well that we missed. 

Another angel, just in case! 

People in Rainbow! I loved their hair color!

Hope you liked the pictures. Spread the love. Stop the bullying!
Loads of Love


  1. The photos are amazing as always.
    Keep sharing. :)